Pete Rawlings B.A., M.Sc., MNCS (Snr Accred)

Senior Psychological Therapist (NHS), Senior Accredited Counsellor, Accredited Supervisor, Coach, & Trainer/Facilitator

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Wise Nature Coaching:

Living in the Present

Our lives take many paths. These may consist of career, relationship, children. They may include significant way-points marked by achievement, by love, by happiness, by sadness. We may also experience slipping into negative habits of thought, of feeling and of behaviour as we meet obstacles and diversions that make us wonder how vulnerable we are to life going wrong.

Our own path invariably challenges us to remain fully aware of ourselves, of how life impacts on us and how we impact on life.

Wise Nature Coaching is about discovering how to live fully in the present. In dialogue and in silence, meeting within a quiet room or out in natural settings, this eco-spiritual approach is a unique combination of deep listening and engagement with your own natural awareness.

Informed by Daoist and Stoic philosophy, by Humanistic approaches to understanding, by Positive Psychology and Eco-Psychology, Wise Nature Coaching is a form of self development aimed at helping you to increase your functioning self awareness.

Wise Nature Coaching aims firstly to help you to identify the particular habitual responses that you have developed that hinder your direct experience of life, those patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that keep you trapped in limited awareness; and secondly to guide you to experiment with new ways of seeing, of understanding, and of being and loving.

Wise Nature Coaching aims at releasing your natural intelligence from the traps of conditioning.

Please note: Wise Nature Coaching is NOT suitable for individuals needing therapy, for trauma recovery or to remediate issues connected with abuse, or for people needing help with an addiction, or if you are experiencing enduring mental health issues. For such needs I recommend counselling or psychotherapy.

Wise Nature Coaching is geographically based near between Carmarthen and Lampeter.

To book an assessment for Wise Nature Coaching please contact me via email:, with “Wise Nature Coaching” as the Subject Header.

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