Creative Mentoring for Creative Artists
or Business Leaders

One of the main characteristics of being human and what fascinates me is how imagination and creativity is at the very core of the best of our endeavours. Creative Mentoring  focuses on your creativity, bringing this into the centre of your attention to best harness the power of your imagination, whether your venture be artistic, business or both!

As Creative Mentor I offer a positive, fully engaged and person-centred relationship to creative artists, business leaders and others to help you to tap into your own sources of inspiration and motivation. This process focuses on developing your signature strengths to achieve personal, artistic or professional goals. Using Positive Psychology interventions and exercises we will work together to identify specific personal challenges, set objectives and establish emotionally intelligent strategies to overcome any hurdles to your success.

Creative Mentoring also helps you to achieve an equitable work/life balance.

As a skilled creative professional or business/organisational leader you work to high standards of practice and ethics. You seek ways of generating ideas and enhancing your ability to aim high and perform optimally. Together we can analyse problems and discover solutions based on your imagination and expertise.

Creative Mentoring can also assist you to work collaboratively with colleagues to best realise creative or business potentials.

Working with me as your Creative Mentor is structured around an initial discussion and this is followed by contracting for six 60 or 90 minute-long sessions with the general aim of achieving your initial goal, after which progress is reviewed. For more details and to discuss if this is a service that can be of benefit to you please contact me via the Contact page.

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