"I have known Pete Rawlings for more than a decade as an experienced, skilled clinical supervisor and therapist colleague.  He understands exceptionally well the wide range challenges his clients undergo and offers insightful and pragmatic approaches which his clients value deeply.  As a supervisor, he confidently supports and guides his colleagues and shares his vast clinical and theoretical knowledge around emotional wellbeing.  I sincerely value his opinion and insights and highly recommend his services."

Dr Peter R Shepard, Consultant Counselling Psychologist, Somerset (NHS) IAPT Service.

“My experience of working with Pete as my supervisor is built on a foundation of trust and deep respect, promoting a feeling of gratitude and enabling both my personal and professional growth.  He has provided me with unique support for over 5 years and with his infinite wisdom and compassionate encouragement has guided both myself and my work safely through the privileges and challenges in the counselling profession. I think that the way Pete works as a supervisor matches my own needs as a professional and I can wholly recommend him!”

Karen, (Supervisee)

“Pete and his team facilitated a business development workshop that brought together disparate providers to work in unison on a common project. The day was carefully delivered with thoughtful content, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive about how the day helped with future planning and inter-agency co-operation.”

Richard Elliott, (Health & Social Care Commissioner, B&NES, 2008.)

“We have been fortunate to have Pete’s considerable experience to draw on over the last seven years, during which time he has provided expert clinical supervision for our counselling team.  Pete’s measured approach and consistency, his professional insight to our charity, its practice and development, and his understanding of the wider mental health arena have all been invaluable.“ 

Sue Place, CEO, The Balsam Centre, Wincanton.
“I have known Peter for 22 years and worked with him professionally for 10 of them. Whilst I was the Director of the Services Welfare Training Programme at the University of Bristol Peter was the main civilian lecturer. He brought a high degree of reality to the Service personnel who attended the courses and introduced them to a large range of welfare issues they had not faced in their military careers.    His depth of knowledge, experience and sense of humour always captivated his audience and he was always a popular member of the instructing staff. His experience and desire to further people’s knowledge of welfare and caring led him to initiating a distance learning programme resulting in a Certificate in Welfare.   A man of immense knowledge and practical experience I could not imagine an individual better placed to provide advice, instruction or practical training on welfare issues.”

P C VillalardColonel ( Former Head of the Army Welfare Service). 

"More than good practice, our supervision is a warm, reflective light shining at a therapeutic angle which, not only illuminates and celebrates my progression, it encourages me to recognise and connect with the shadow I cast." 

Sue, (Supervisee)

"Pete’s innate empathy, intuition, acceptance and experience have been invaluable to me - on both emotional and practical level - in better understanding, valuing and supporting myself. Working in deep connection with Pete has been/is hugely enriching, empowering and affirming and has helped me to clearly identify my passions (including the natural world) my strengths, talents and goals and find practical solutions to both fulfil and bring these to fruition. Truly, I cannot recommend working with Pete highly enough!"

Kate , (Supervisee)

"In five or six sessions I moved a long way forward. Relationships with others began to blossom and we have done more business. I have no hesitation in recommending Pete.”

Julian Bending, (Ralph Bending Estate Agents, Glastonbury, 2006)

“I have been working with Peter on and off for the best part of 15 years. For me, being able to talk to someone that is completely impartial to your life and surroundings is invaluable. I get great comfort in knowing that my one to one support is for me and me only, not without anyone’s personal opinion or agenda. I have been able to talk to him about all the challenges I have faced, whether this be personal and professional.  His experience and advice over the years has been incredibly valuable. I often reflect what sort of mess I might have been in if it had not been for my weekly chats.” 

R (Client)

“Counselling Supervision with Pete has been invaluable … he has guided, challenged, encouraged and inspired me to grow and mature as a practitioner and a person. His knowledge and experience – both practical and theoretical – have been offered in a manner that has helped me to feel safe, held and respected. I value our professional supervisory relationship!” 

Debbie, (Supervisee)

“Pete Rawlings has been my supervisor for 5 years. In this time I have found him to be excellent in both academic and practical experience combined with a very empathetic, supportive and challenging style. I couldn't have wished for a better supervisor and I feel working with Pete  I have developed and grown as a coach and a person. I am extremely lucky to have found such a talented and knowledgeable  supervisor.”

Tracey, (Supervisee)

"Pete has been my supervisor for the past 7 years and has always offered me a safe and reflective space to explore the work with my clients and the therapeutic process.   I have found his professionalism and vast therapeutic experience together with his warm and compassionate yet authentic approach unique and very supportive. To me the combination of challenge and encouragement is a very important component in clinical supervision and I have always found this to be the perfect balance in my supervision sessions with Pete.  His insight, wisdom and breadth of knowledge has also helped me to develop my own resilience, build confidence and capacities in my role as a counsellor and I cannot recommend him highly enough." 

Inger (Supervisee)